Modelling Agencies or Freelance?

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There are many avenues to go down when you are considering a career as model. There are many people that can offer you advice.

But we believe passionately that it is now easier to get work as a model than it was, say, five or ten years ago. The well-trodden path of trying to get signed by a modelling agency and then waiting patiently by the phone for the odd day of work is well and truly behind you.

The online industry – especially in terms of the advertising spend from businesses and large corporations, has now overtaken the established media (television, radio and the publishing world).

Now is the time to join the social networking revolution.

become a model

We can help from setting up websites, to establishing twitter accounts, facebook pages and getting you noticed on YouTube with your very own model clip, we can guide you during your journey to being a professional model.

Importantly, you will need the right modelling tools to enter the modelling industry.

As a want-to-be-model, take this advice on board:

  • As a freelance operator you will have to track down your own work and learn how to self-promote yourself as a model
  • You will require tools such as Z-cards, portfolio, a website and a substantial collection of images
  • A portfolio is a key part of your modelling tools. This is either a professional portfolio or book of images that are up-to-date and professionally shot images. It’s your resume. Make it look great
  • Having a web presence is a very popular route for freelance models to go down these days, again it must look professional, be easy-to-use and updated on a regular basis
  • Even if you are dealing directly with an agency,  a website is still a viable and important tool in your modelling career as work may slow down and you may want to alternate between a signed model with an agency or someone who acts as a freelancer
  • When doing the rounds or seeing agencies or clients it is vital that you act professionally and look your best, don’t lose sight of how important this personal appearance with a client can be
  • Location can be a crucial in getting work as a model. Make sure you know the best way to get to the studio for a meeting or a shoot. If you are travelling a long distance, perhaps staying overnight is more viable than arriving on the day
  • If you have signed to an agency, make sure your contract is legally binding and perhaps a lawyer might be necessary to have a look at the details
  • As a freelance model, having a good network is a great way to maximise your longevity in the industry. A photographer will always remember easy to work with models and this means that you will often get more work
  • Not everything is online. Z-cards are still used in the industry and act as a calling card for many agencies
    Learn to network at launches, parties, gatherings and take your Z-cards with you wherever you go, they are you introduction and you never know who you are talking to and who they work for. It’s all part of the self-promotion advice TTM can offer you
  • Our modelling team will determine if you are the right calibre to be a model

Agencies & Modelling Management:

  1. Approach reputable agencies and modelling management. With the UK’s modelling industry unregulated, there are a growing number of cowboy companies preying on the naive and inexperienced.
  2. Send pictures of your child to a reputable agency or management. Professional pictures are not essential at this stage; however you will need professional pictures for the agency to promote your child.
  3. It is important to compare agencies carefully before signing any contracts. This will maximize your child’s working potential, as having a good agent will make an enormous difference.
  4. Never assume that the largest agency is the best. Often smaller agencies provide you and your child with greater focus and attention.
  5. Any person under the age of 16 or in full time education must be licensed to work in modelling or entertainment. Reputable agencies which represent children are aware of and adhere to Child Licensing Laws and will organise this for you.
  6. Your child will be required to attend castings to audition for jobs. See the casting as an enjoyable experience and opportunity for you and your child, in order to alleviate pressure and stress.
  7. Once your child is modelling professionally it is recommended that your e-mail address and telephone number are used as contact details. Do not give out a direct contact number for your child.
  8. Always allow more than the allotted time. Modelling jobs tend to take longer than initially anticipated so it is a good idea to allow some time for extended sessions.
  9. Don’t interfere in the shooting process unless you feel it is inappropriate. As a parent, you are required to be there for your child. However, unless asked by a member of staff, stay in the background at all times.


  1. Modelling agencies take a commission for modelling jobs they arrange for your child. This is usually 10-20%, but should never be more than 25%.
  2. Modelling managements they do not take any commission from the jobs that you find through their websites, they will usually charge only a membership fee. The advantages of a modelling management is that they connect you with more than just one agency or casting directors, and the jobs that you get through them are without any commission charge, so you will receive all the payments in full as a freelancer. 
  3. Most agencies estimate that a regularly working child model will earn anything from £500-£4000 per year depending on the size of job they secure.
  4. Child modelling agencies can receive around 500 applications per week and they usually reject 75% of these applications which means it is very competitive.
  5. As children grow and change so rapidly it is important that the pictures you are using to represent your child are current and accurate.

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