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I want to become a model
  • If you have decided that you want to become a model, we will be happy to help you break into modelling and start working as a model.
  • Register today and  make sure you send us the following:
  • - a clear, simple portrait photo in jpeg format as an attachment by using our quick Registration Form.
  • - your name, your age and contact phone number.
  • - a statement from your parents giving you approval to submit pictures if you’re under 14.
  • We need all the above to process your submission. We will review every complete submission.
For more information about Modelling visit this Page 
How can I contact you ?
You can contact us directly by writing us at
I cannot upload my photo in the Registration Form
All images uploaded in the Registration Form needs to be under 5 Mb in size.
Do I have to pay to join OneModels?
No, we do not charge a fee for joining us, all you need is to be assessed and to have a portfolio so we can promote you on our platforms, this will help you in applying for the jobs that we post daily.
Are you associated with any other Agency?
  • No, we are not associated with any other agency or platform.
  • We are a online based model management created by a small team of creative people that have been working in this industry for over 17 years and understands what it takes to succeed in working as a model.
  • One Models wants to help anyone who aspire to become a model. We want you to start in the right way, and find real work. 
Can agencies and management platforms guarantee work?
No agency or platform can guarantee work.  Agencies and Management Platforms have all the interest in finding you jobs, but it is up to the client's requirements for you to be selected for a particular jobs.   To increase your chance of getting more jobs, you should try and register with more than just one agency or platform as well as applying for work on job websites using the portfolio and profile that you have with your management or agency platform. 
Do I need to invest in a portfolio?
Every model needs a portfolio, if you are one of the lucky models registered with a Leading Modelling Agency like Ford Models then you won't have to pay for a portfolio as every photographer will want to work with you and offer you a portfolio in exchange, in any other cases you will have to invest in a portfolio so that agencies can promote you on different platforms and directly to their clients. If an agency pays for your portfolio then they will own the copy rights to the images, therefore you won't be able to use the images to apply for other freelance jobs and casting agencies.
How much can I get Paid?
Most agencies estimate that a regularly working  model will earn anything from £500-£15000 per year depending on the size of job they secure. For the lucky ones can go up to £50 K per year, if you break into high fashion catwalk or commercial industry. 
I can’t manage to upload my portfolio on the website
If you are having difficulties uploading your portfolio photographs on your on-line profile, it is probably due to the big size of the images, if you don't know how to resize them, contact us at and we will help you out.
I didn’t get any answer to my email
If you have sent us an email during the week-end, you will hear back from us during the week between 10am and 5pm. Office Hours : Monday - Friday : 10am - 5pm
I was asked to pay an attendance deposit
If you accept to attend to your assessment day, in some cases you will be asked to pay a deposit fee. This is just to secure your test shoot and make sure you are serious about your application. This is fully refundable within five working days provided that you show up on the day and time. The deposit is refunded within 5 working days of attendance at the studio. Unfortunately, some people think it’s fine to book a test at a studio and then not bother to show up and not bother to cancel.